Daniel Miko – D.M. Holdings

Over 20 years we specialize in complex and sophisticated infrastructure, development and construction projects.
Specialized in excavations, water line , sewage, drainage, plumbing installation, earthworks.
For industrial buildings, construction sites, authorities, Moshavs, kindergartens, schools, clinics.
Providing lifting services, garbage disposal, transport and laying of mobile buildings.
We are engaged in ornamental development, desert gardening and building renovation
We serve entrepreneurs and entities in the private, business, public and government sectors.
Emphasizing professionalism, quality and service to customer satisfaction.
Our clients receive the best advice and attentive ear
We use state-of-the-art engineering equipment and service.
And behind us many satisfied customers.
Our team, your peace of mind
D.M. Holding, building the Negev and the Arava for you.

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